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Thanks for taking the time to visit the Diving Western Australia's Shipwrecks page, we hope to make the site easy to follow and provide some valuable information on getting out and diving some of WA's wreck sites. We've tried to make the site as informative as possible sharing everything we've used to get out amongst the shipwrecks and also important information for visiting the wreck sites.

With over 1400 wreck events in Western Australia spanning four centuries, many of the wrecks of WA are in various states of decay or buried beneath the seafloor. We focus mainly on the wreck sites that provided an interest to divers.

Throughout the website red writing indicates a link to navigate to other areas of the site or external links. All pages should have a back to top button at the bottom of every page and clicking on the title will return you to the home page. Sections of the coast with descriptions of the wreck sites are available on the home page and at the footer of every page.

If using GPS marks from our page please take the time to read the page on datum, format and anchoring in the GPS Info link. Also take the time to read the page on weather if wanting to use the information from our site.

Please remember that the majority of wrecks are legally protected in Western Australia. We provide links to the Historic Shipwrecks Act 1976, a rolling date of 75 years or more making any shipwreck protected from disturbance and interference. Most purpose sunk wrecks have their own locally requested rules which are usually covered when purchasing permits if they are required.

We promote a look but do not disturb practice when diving any shipwreck whether protected or not. From an ethical standpoint, removal of any material from any wreck, of any age only devalues a site to the next diver to come along and removes points of interest and the attraction values of a dive site. Sadly this was the case with generations past that the removal of artefacts has left many historical sites off Perth bland and uninteresting to the recreational diver unless they are aware of the story of the site. We do have wrecks listed that still have artefacts remaining on site and it is against the law to remove anything from these sites. Removal of material from any site for a discussion piece in your own home serves no benefit to the diving community and in most cases is illegal. Often once interest is lost, most wreck material finds its way to the tip when it could have been left in place to further enrich the experience of diving in Western Australia.

We've included on the site:

Details on the wrecks themselves and we're always adding new sites and content

Links to the Historic Shipwrecks Act 1976

External links to helpful resources

GPS marks

Information on assessing the weather

Video links


Terrestrial sites of interest

Links to other sources of information on WA's history.

Unless otherwise stated, all the images and video displayed on the site are our own and subject to copyright. Please make contact if wanting to use them.

We hope you find the site useful and we always welcome feedback on improving the navigation around the site.

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