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Shipwreck related books relevant to the West Australian Coast

There are many great books written from the WA Maritime Museum, the UWA Press and many other great authours and publishers detailing the shipwrecks and exploration of Western Australia. Such books have helped us over the years gain a knowledge of the wrecks of our coast and kept our interest in historical shipwrecks going. Without these sources of information and the amount of research compiled by the authors, it would make diving and locating these wreck sites along the coast near impossible.



Compiled below are the many great reference books as well as general information and historical literature that cover the 1400 known wreck events and strandings on the West Australian coast. These are the books we referenced for the content of this website and our Facebook page, as well as various online sources. Through the site we wish to promote the work that has been published by the primary researchers that make the information and history accessible to the public. These are the books we think would be of great interest to anyone wanting to dive wrecks of Western Australia, or just learn the amazing history of our rugged and amazing coast.

Unfinished Voyages Western Australian Shipwrecks 1622-1850

Graeme Henderson 1980 UWA Press ISBN 978 0 920694 88 3

Unfinished Voyages- Western Australian Shipwrecks 1851-1880

Graeme & Kandy Jane Henderson 1988

UWA Press ISBN 0 85564 282 3

Unfinished Voyages- Western Australian Shipwrecks 1881-1900

Lynne Cairns & Graeme Henderson

University of Western Australia Press 1995 ISBN 1875560246

A Windswept Coast

Western Australia’s Maritime Heritage Between the Moore Rive & the Zuytdorp Cliffs

P & J Worsely and D. Totty 2008 Western Australian Museum ISN 9781876465421

Capes of Sunset

Western Australia’s Maritime Heritage Between Peel Inlet & Flinders Bay

J & P Worsley and J Green 2012 Australian National Centre of Excellence for Maritime Archaeology, Dept. of Maritime Archaeology West Australian Museum. ISBN 978187645056

Green Seas and White Horses

Western Australia’s Maritime Heritage Between Flinders bay and Eucla

J & P Worsley and Jeremy Green 2015 Australian National Centre of Excellence for Maritime Archaeology, Dept. of Maritime Archaeology West Australian Museum. ISBN 9781876465087

Shipwrecks 1656-1942 A Guide to the Historic Shipwrecks of Perth

Sarah Kenderdine (1995) Western Australian Museum

ISBN 0730969746

Shipwrecks of Australia’s West Coast.
M. McCarthy 2012 Western Australian Museum ISBN 9781920843762

Shipwrecks Along the West Australian Coastline

West Australian Museum

Early History and Exploration of Western Australia

Dutch Discoveries of Australia
J P Sigmond & L H Zuiderbaan 1976

Unicbock BV ISBN 0 7270 0800 5

Early Encounters with Australian Shores
Rupert Gerritsen 2015 Australia on the Map ISBN 978-0-9943266-0-7

France Australe
Leslie Marchant 1982.  Artlook Books

ISBN 086 445 104 0

A Voyage of Discovery to Terra Australis by Willem De Vlamingh in 1696-97

Phillip Playford 1998. West Australian Museum

ISBN 0730712214

Dutch VOC Shipwreck and Survivour Related Books

And Their Ghosts May Be Heard
Rupert Gerritsen 1994 Fremantle Arts Press ISBN 1 86368 063 2

Carpet of Silver
Phillip Playford 1996

University of Western Australia Press.

ISBN 1 875560 73 4/ ISBN 978 1 875560 73 8

Batavia’s Graveyard
Mike Dash 2002 Three Rivers Press

ISBN 0-609-80716-1

Voyage to Disaster
Henrietta Drake Brockman 1995 UWA Press isbn 1 920694 72 2/ isbn 978 1 920694 72 2

Islands of Angry Ghosts
Hugh Edwards 1966 Angus & Roberton Publishers ISBN 0 207 12669 0

James A. Henderson 1982 St. George Books ISBN 0 86778 018 5

"My Sheild My Faith"

C. DeHeer
Westerly- Stories Poems Articles reviews.
UWA Quaterly Magazine March 1977 Volume 1

Kimberley History

The Unambal
Dr Andreas Lommel 1952. English Reproduction 1997 Takarakka Nowan Kas Publications
 ISBN 0 9587446 0 2

Kimberley History- People, Exploration and Development.
Cathie Clement, Jeffrey Gresham and Hamish McGlashan
2012 Kimberley Society Inc. ISBN 978-0-9587130-2-3

Art of the Wandjina- Aboriginal Cave Paintings in the Kimberley, Western Australia
Dr. Ian Crawford. 1968 Oxford University Press ISBN 0195500571

There Were Three Ships.

The Story of the Camden Harbour Expedition 1864-65
Christopher Richards 1990 University of Western Australia Press isbn 0 64637 561 X

Truscott- The Diary of Australia’s Secret Wartime Kimberley Airbase 1943-1946
John & Carol Beasy 1995 Australian Miitary History Publications isbn0646.04104.5

Other Titles and Reccomended Reading

Shipwreck on Madmans Corner
Mike Lefroy and Patrick Baker 1999 Omnibus Books

ISBN 9781920843465

The Wreck of the Barque Stefano off the North West Cape of Australia in 1875
Gustave Rathe 1990 Hespian Press

ISBN 0 85905 144 7

Dead Men’s Silver
Hugh Edwards 2011 Harper Collins Publishers Australia Pty ltd.

ISBN 978 0 7322 9450 2

Shipwrecks- A Practical Guide to Research and Discovery
 Peter Taylor, Scuttlebutt Press.
 ISBN 978 0 9805902 4 1

Perth Dive Guide
Dick Beilby 1988 Hespian Press

ISBN 0 85905 113 7

Yarns from the Alkimos & other Yarns
Ray Krakouer 1999

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