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Dave and Jacqui are both avid SCUBA divers who have been diving together for over

17 years. Together they share a passion for exploring the amazing Western Australian

 coastline. With such a remote and inhospitable coast right on our doorstep, much of

which is difficult to access, they are constantly searching for and finding new stories of

old histories and lesser visited wrecks.

Both Jacqui and Dave are qualified Divemasters and have a background in the

maritime tourism industry. Dave holds a commercial vessel master qualification and has

years of experience as the master of dive charter vessels off Perth and as the

master of an expedition vessel on the remote Kimberley Coast in the Western Australia's

far north. Being the master and lead guide on extended voyages allows the opportunity to

utilise an intimate knowledge of the history of the West Australian coast and trace the foot

steps of early explorers and discover new sites on the most untouched parts of our coastline.

Jacqui also has a background in marine tourism with experience working in a Divemaster role and has also worked and travelled extensively throughout Western Australia, including liveaboards in the Kimberley. Jacqui works professionally in the field of Conservation and is also an accomplished wildlife photographer and she has been published in various books, media and exhibitions.

                                                                Both are members of the Maritime Archaeological Association of Western Australia with                                                                  Dave sitting on the board of committee members.

                                                                They spend months of the year when not engaged in employment, travelling the state in                                                                 their 4WD and their two boats trying access the more remote parts of the state soaking                                                                   in the beautiful and rugged coastline that has claimed so many ships and sailors over                                                                     the last four centuries. 


                                                                                                      Much of the information obtained in writing for the historical shipwrecks of this page have                                                                             come from the Maritime Museum online database and various other online sources listed in                                                                         the references link. Various publications are also used and are included in the library link on                                                                         the home page, listed by title with credit to the authors. Please take the time to reference                                                                             these links if looking to read more into WA's maritime history.

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