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Ahwina - 1936

GPS: S 35° 00.865'

         E 118° 00.259'

Location: Boiler Bay, Gull Rock NP, Albany 

Site depth: 2 metres

Divable conditions: Protected from swell

Visibilty: Usually <10 metres

Vessel: Tugboat

Construction: Wood

Tons: unknow

Vessel Length: <20 metres

Wreck event: Scuttled and burnt 1936


The Ahwina wreck is located just off Boiler Bay in Gull Rock National Park around 3 nautical miles east of Emu Point by boat. Or if arriving by Road the wreck can be easily seen sticking above the water 50 metres west of the shoreline adjacent to Gull Rock Beach carpark located off Ledge Point Road. 

The site provides a very easy snorkel surrounded by sand in very clear water. Visible above the seafloor is the burnt iron remains of the vessel and the deteriorating remains of the ships boiler that powered its steam engine and machinery.

The Ahwina had a very long career in Australian and New Zealand water employed as a tug. In 1936 the vessel was being stripped when it foundered alongside the Albany town jetty, the Ahwina was reflaoted and towed to Gull Rock where it was set alight and scuttled in shallow water. Read about the extensive history of the Ahwina at:

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