Image: Stanley Perkins Collection The Alkimos in 1963

SS Alkimos

GPS: S 31° 36.614'

         E 115° 39.424'

Location: Alkimos Beach

Site depth: 4 metres

Divable conditions: Swell <0.5

Visibilty: 2-6 metres

Vessel: Freighter

Construction: Steel

Tons: 7,176 tons

Vessel length: 134 metres

Wreck event: Broke anchor while disabled

The haunted type EC2-S-C1 liberty ship and Greek freighter the "Alkimos" ran aground south of Yanchep in May 1964. The ship was built in 1943 as a United States liberty ship and the Alkimos underwent many name changes during its life as a freighter. It was claimed to be cursed by "Henry the Ghost" a dark figure that appeared to be dressed in oil skins that inhabited the derelict wreck while it still stood above the waves. The Alkimos was shrouded in varying stories from murder suicides on board, crew thrown to the ocean and workmen sealed in the hull while under construction. Plagued with bad luck the Alkimos became one of the coast's most avoided wrecks. Many locals refused to go near the wreck after multiple strange happenings onboard and at the adjacent beach. One of the most notable was the discovery of the skull of a missing swimmer Herbert Voight that had washed up inside the hull of the wreck. Having witnessed over the last 15 years what little remained of the vessel further deteriorate beneath the waves, it's hard to imagine the imposing size of the freighter as pictured, as it stood back when it had first washed up in the late 60s.

Originally considered unsafe for diving due to its unstable state, the wreck now seems to have fully collapsed besides the engine. The Alkimos site is now being visited by local charter boats and divers. Located 320 metres off Shorehaven Beach in 4 metres of water, the dive is generally considered an average site that rarely has good visibility and is prone to surge in all but the best conditions.