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Ashmore Fishing Boats

GPS: S 12° 14.311'

         E 122° 58.752'

Location: West lagoon, Ashmore Reef

Site depth: 1-7 metres

Divable conditions: Protected from weather

Visibilty: 10 metres

Vessel: Phrau

Construction: Wood

Tons: Unknown

Vessel length: Unknown

Wreck event: Most likely scuttled by customs

These two traditional Indonesian fishing boats are possibly two of the most remote wrecks on the West Australian coast. Just inside the Australian Economic Exclusion Zone only 60 miles south of Indonesia, these two wrecks lay just off West Island at Ashmore Reef. Although modern, Indonesian fisherman have for centuries used the sheltered lagoons of Ashmore Reef for fishing grounds and safe anchorage. 

One sits just on the edge of the West Island lagoon in 7 metres of water. The other lays burnt to the waterline just off the beach and nearby on West Island remain a number of Indonesian graves.

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