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GPS: S 31° 51.776'

         E 115° 42.730'

Location: Marmion Marine Park

Site depth: 7 metres

Divable conditions: <0.5m

Visibilty: 5-10 metres

Vessel: Brig

Construction: Iron

Tons: 188 tons

Vessel length: 30 metres

Wreck event: Wrecked on reef 1874

Wrecked on the Marmion Reef system two miles west of North Beach lays the remains of the iron brig the Centaur. Little remains of the 188 ton sailing ship that was lost carrying Galena ore mined from Dongara. A section of the bow, some hull plating, scattered galena and ship's fittings litter the south eastern section of the Centaur Reef with the site covering an area of about 30 metres. 

The heavily over grown wreckage is hard up against an impressive system of swimthroughs at a depth of 7 metres, in excellent conditions the site is a very impressive shallow site. However the wreck and GPS position sit almost directly under a reef break, it should be approached with caution and only dived when conditions allow.

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