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Cheynes III

GPS: S 35° 02.653'

         E 118° 01.629'

Location: Albany

Site depth: 19 metres

Divable conditions: <1.5m swell

Visibilty: 5 - 12 metres

Vessel: Whale Chaser

Construction: Steel

Tons: 440

Vessel Length: 48 metres

Wreck event: Purpose sunk 1982

Scuttled by the South Coast Divers Club in 1983, the Cheynes III is said to be the first purpose prepared dive wreck in the southern hemisphere. Built in 1943 the Cheynes III was purchased to be put to work for the Cheynes Beach Whaling Co. at the Albany Whaling station in 1963. With the ceasing of commercial whaling in Australia forcing the closure of the whaling station, the Cheynes III was left derelict without work when it was acquired by the local dive club to be prepared and sunk on the western side of Michealmas Island. After over 30 years underwater the wreck still remains upright however the midship section of the ship has collapsed and penetration is now considered to be unsafe. The site is protected from all but a southerly to westerly wind.

Both the Cheynes III and Ex HMAS Perth II are regularly dived by the local Albany dive shop South Coast Diving Supplies. If diving from your own boat, the Cheynes III doesn't not require a permit but the HMAS Perth II does, for a small fee and can be obtained from the local dive shop. 

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