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Ex HMAS Swan

HMAS Swan  Shipweck Western Australia

GPS: S 33° 33.080'

         E 115° 05.963'

Location: Dunsborough

Site depth: 31 metres

Divable conditions: Swell <1.5m

Visibilty: 10 - 30 metres

Vessel: Ex RAN Destroyer Escort

Construction: Steel

Tons: 2100

Vessel Length: 114 metres

Wreck event: Purpose sunk 1997

The Ex HMAS Swan III was sunk 1 nautical mile north of Eagle Bay near Dunsborough. A permit is required to dive the wreck and can be obtained from Swan Dive Busselton & Dunsborough at their dive shop and cafe in Port Geographe Marina. Swan dive maintain two public moorings on the site for the dive community, one attached to the bow and one off the stern of the wreck. Swan Dive also regularly run dive charters to the wreck every week and are the sole operator diving the wreck. They also sell the HMAS Swan mapping dive slate  produced by the website which can be purchased over the counter in store.

Built in Victoria in 1968 and commissioned by the RAN on 20th January 1970. The River Class Destroyer was finally scuttled as a dive wreck in 1997 to a crowd of around 10,000 spectators. After 27 years and 775,870 nautical miles of service to the Royal Australian Navy mostly in South East Asia and Australian waters. The "Fluffy Duck" finally came to rest upright at 31 metres on a sand bottom, with a slight list to her port side, off Eagle Bay.

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