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GPS: S 22° 38.856'

         E 113° 37.696'

Location: Norwegian Bay, Ningaloo

Site depth: 2 metres

Divable conditions: Protected from swell

Visibilty: 5-15 metres

Vessel: Steam powered Whale Chaser

Construction: Steel

Tons: 93 tons

Vessel length:

Wreck event: Went aground 1923

Fin  Shipweck Western Australia

The wreck of the Norwegian whaler the "Fin" lost during a cyclone at Point Cloates. The small iron hulled steamer that worked for the Norwegian Bay Whaling Station was washed on to the now sunken Fraser Island and wrecked in 1923. A shallow site inside a sanctuary zone, it makes a great snorkel in shallow gin clear water. Easily located with the engine block and boiler above the waterline and the hull submerged. It lays next to the remains of the Fraser Island lighthouse that collapsed when the island was washed away in the 1960s.

The site lays in shallow water on the submerged sand cay that was once Fraser Island. At only a metre of depth the site provides a fantastic and bright snorkel site inside the Norwegian Bay sanctuary zone. Some current can be found on the site at certain times.

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