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J P Webb

GPS: S 31° 06.216'

         E 115° 20.271'

Location: Ledge Point

Site depth: 4 metres

Divable conditions: <0.5 metre swell

Visibilty: 5-10 metres

Vessel: Steam powered Hopper barge

Construction: Steel

Tons: 983 tons

Vessel length: unknown

Wreck event: Wrecked on reef 1951

The 983 ton hopper barge the J P Webb was wrecked on its maiden voyage while being delivered to Port Phillip Bay in Victoria in 1951. The steam driven barge was to be employed for dredging work by the Melbourne Harbour Trust. Steaming from England the Hopper Barge never reached her destination and was wrecked 2 miles north west of the present day town of Ledge Point.

The J P Webb is another site better suited to a snorkel dive. The Hopper Barge wrecked high up on the reef amongst the breakers and as such is only comfortable in a very low swell with the boat anchored well away from the GPS mark at a safe distance. The wreckage of the barge spans about 40 metres running north to south The northern end of the wreck site contains scattered machinery, the large boiler and the triple expansion steam engine.

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