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GPS: S 30° 18.116’

         E 114° 59.891’

Location: Jurien Bay

Site depth: 3 metres

Divable conditions: <0.5 metres

Visibilty: 3-8 metres

Vessel: Steamship

Construction: Iron

Tons: 223 tons

Vessel length: 44 metres

Wreck event: Wrecked on reef 1898

The 1898 wreck of the Lubra off Jurien Bay. Built in Glasgow in the 1860s, the Lubra belonged to the Adelaide Steamship Company when it was wrecked in Jurien Bay in early January. Since the mid 1880s the vessel had a regular run delivering passengers, cargo and mail between Geraldton and Fremantle. Due to sustaining damage after departing Geraldton, the Lubra anchored in Jurien Bay to unload passengers and cargo and it was then decided to try to beach the vessel. In doing so the steamship was actually ran up onto a reef just near the south leads into the bay and soon became a wreck.

The wreck site lays between Favourite and Boullanger Islands just south of the starboard hand marker out of the bay. Very little remains distinguishable on the site beside sections of propellor shaft, the stern wedged in the reef and most noticably the 60hp 2 cylinder compound engine block. The engine block still stands upright breaking the surface and creates a surf break that forms most days of the year therefore, the shallow 4 metre site is best visited in very low swell. Due to the small size of the site and the lacking of visible wreck material the Lubra is better suited to a snorkel site.

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