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Port Coogee Marina

GPS: S 32° 06.338'

         E 115° 45.690'

Location: Coogee Marina

Site depth: 3 metres

Divable conditions: Offshore wind.

Visibilty: 4-12 metres

Vessel: hulk, formerly a Barque

Construction: Iron


Vessel length: 65 metres

Wreck event: Blown ashore and grounded

Omeo  Shipweck Western Australia

Built in 1858, the 65 metre iron barque "Omeo" had an extensive career in Colonial era Australia working around the continent as an inter-colonial trader and cable layer. Originally built as a rigged steamer and converted to a 4 masted barque with the engine removed, the Omeo was finally converted to a hulk and anchored in Owen anchorage off Fremantle. In 1905 during a storm the anchor cable parted and the Omeo was driven ashore in its present location and considered unsalvageable.

One of the most accessible wrecks off Perth, the Omeo is a very popular site with snorkellers. At only 3 metres depth the site provides a safe and easy snorkel site protected somewhat from the ocean swell. However, the site is best experienced in an easterly offshore wind and visibilty can quickly become poor during an afternoon seabreeze. It can be benificial to time a visit with a hightide to be able to effectively snorkel over the wreckage with ease. 

The City of Cockburn has recently developed the Omeo into a snorkel trail and has deployed various artificial reef structures north of the wreck running adjacent to the marina seawall.

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