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Saxon Ranger- 

Warnbro Sound

GPS: S 32° 19.610'

         E 115° 42.310'

Location:  Warnbro Sound

Site depth: 18 metres

Divable conditions: Swell <1.0m

Visibilty: 2-10 metres

Vessel: Trawler

Construction: Steel

Tons: 400 tons

Vessel length: 38 metres

Wreck event: Purpose sunk 2006


Formerly the Atlantic Seal, the Saxon Ranger was built in the UK and fished the North Atlantic until the early 1970s. It was then brought to Australia to work the south coast trawler fisheries out of Albany and Tasmania. Plagued by bad luck, it eventually washed up during a gale on the Rockingham foreshore in 2003. The vessel was salvaged and eventually scuttled in Warnbro Sound as a purpose sunk dive wreck in 2006.

The wreck sits with the bow facing the west with a maximum depth of 18 metres. The wheelhouse was removed prior to sinking and the wreck starts at a depth of around 11 metres. Similar to the HMAS Perth and Swan wrecks, a permit is required before visiting the site. Sitting just over a mile from shore, the yellow wreck marker is visible from the Bent Street boat ramp. There are two public moorings on the site, one off the stern and one off the bow, both with lines running from the moorings to the wreck.

Saxon Ranger  Shipweck Western Australia
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