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GPS: S 34° 12.980'

         E 115° 01.235'

Location: Hamelin Bay

Site depth: 7 Metres

Divable conditions: <1.5m swell

Visibilty: 2-10 metres

Vessel: Fishing vessel

Construction: Wood

Tons: Unknown

Vessel length: Unknown -less than 20 metres

Wreck event: Grounded


The Toba is a very small wreck located on the south side of Peak Island less than a kilometre from the Hamelin Bay boat ramp. It is located in 7 metres of water and the site covers only about 10 metres by 5 metres right up against the reef shelf into shallow water. Although the site is not large the surrounding overhands and hard corals around Peak Island make the site a nice and easy dive. The Toba was originally a pearling lugger from the Torres Straight and then Broome in the states northwest, at the time of it's loss the Toba was employed as a fishing vessel when it was wrecked just off Hamelin Bay. Read more about the history of the wreck at:

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