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Two Fold Bay  Shipweck Western Australia

Two Fold bay


GPS: S 31° 38.818'

         E 115° 39.201'

Location: Mindarie

Site depth: 11 metres

Divable conditions: <1.0m swell

Visibilty: 2-10 metres

Vessel: Trawler

Construction: Steel

Tons: 40 tons

Vessel length: 22 metres

Wreck event: Wrecked on reef 1997

In 1997 the Twofold Bay sunk after hitting a reef south west of the Alkimos, 4 nautical miles north west of Mindarie marina. The hull settled in a natural sand hole at a depth of 11 metres surrounded by reef. The hull broke in two and is laying on its starboard side with the keel hard up against the reef ledge. The wheelhouse, outriggers, mast and other scattered wreckage are spread out across the sand and low kelp covered reef to the west of the site. 

Although the wreck lays in relatively deep water when compared to other wrecks that were lost on reef, the site is still best dived when the swell is low. The site sits about 200 metres east of a set of breakers and as a result the wreck generally has worse than expected visibility for the conditions of the day as water stirred up from the break eventually washes over the site. The wreck site itself is a small site but is surrounded by ledges and reef that offer options to explore the area after inspecting the wreck.

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