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Zedora, 1875

 S 32° 04.979' E 115° 38.303'

The Zedora was lost in 1875 on Mewstones Reef west of Gage Roads and Fremantle Harbour. On the 11th of February the Zedora had a shift in cargo during heavy weather. The Zedora made for Fremantle harbour when it was wrecked on the shallow reef near the "Mewstones" a series or reefs and exposed rocks extending north from Carnac Island.


Very little remains on the site and it is heavily buried by sand. It can be located on the inside of a reef shelf in about 4 metres of water. All that can be identified on the site is a section of what is possibly the keel protruding above the seafloor, a small indistinguishable fitting and a copper nail.

The surrounding area around the Zedora offers a shallow reef that can be turbulent in any high swells or winds.

The site is best suited to a quick snorkel as little remains on the wreck site over an area of around 10 metres by 10 metres.

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