top of page is dedicated to diving and sharing as many of the 1400 shipwrecks thought to exist off Western Australia's coast. From 17th century East Indiamen, colonial era traders to modern day oil rigs.

From the south coast to the far north Kimberley region, we'll try and search for, dive and record the best wrecks suitable to divers exploring our amazing 20,780 kilometres of coastline.

The idea behind the website is to provide a page for divers and anybody wanting to head out to explore the wrecks off our coast. With many resources available on WA's many wrecks we focus only on those that provide an interesting dive site. We want the website to build on the Facebook page as a format that is easier to reference, at the same time promoting local diving and everything that needs to be known for visiting sites of historical or heritiage value, weather conditions and accurate GPS positioning.  We also seek to promote the external websites and the researchers that make it possible to get out and explore Western Australia.

Please take the time to read the "About the page" link to help make use of the information we've provided and with navigating around the site.

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